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Annual Techinal Meet of Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture

Organised by IIT Kharagpur

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About Samudramanthan 2022

The Department of Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture hosts Samudramanthan, an annual national level technical meet. Samudramanthan has continuously climbed new mountains since the first edition in 2009.

The event has distinguished itself as one of the most prominent engineering-related competitions ever organised in the country. Samudramanthan has repeatedly urged aspiring scientists and engineers to challenge themselves in order to improve their fields and the development of the country.

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Started in 2008, Samudramanthan has come a long way. Seen Exponential growth in last 10 years and accounting for the total participation of more than 2000 participants across both online and offline.


Samudramanthan 2022

Despesite of being conducted online we saw the record bearking participation. In total 9 events where conducted.


Samudramanthan 2021

13th Edition of Samudramanthan. Total 9 events where conducted. High Participation of the students made this edition one of the best so far.


Samudramanthan 2020

Contuining its legacy, Samudramanthan saw high paticipation from students all over India. In total 9 events were conducted.

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