About Samudramanthan

  • Students from all around India participated actively in Samudramanthan in 22.
  • It was a huge success because of the diligent labour, devotion, excitement, ingenuity, and inventiveness.
  • We had the largest participation ever and received praise for the interesting and difficult competitions.

We are thrilled to present our 15th edition, with the goal of challenging our participants with novel and engaging events, in light of the students' infectious enthusiasm.

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What are they saying

Ajay Menon

IIT Kharagpur

An exciting opportunity to broaden your outlook on the impressive field of Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture at IIT Kharagpur!

Chiratran Sarkar

DMET Calcutta

We came here not sure what to expect. Today we are leaving hoping to come back again. Wonderfully organized & the efforts towards improvement put by their team is heartening

Surya Vasim Krishna

Indian Maritime University

It was really a great event with a really wonderful exposure to the hub of smart thinkers. All credits goes to the organizers who have been as the backbone for the event to be successful. Good luck guys.

Aakash Meena

IIT Kharagpur

The national level inter college annual technical meet of the department of Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture, IIT Kharagpur organized by Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Society (NAROES), IIT Kharagpur in every spring semester. Samudramanthan’s journey toward excellence started in 2009 with its first ever edition.

Gyan Prakash Konar

IIT Kharagpur

0cean has something deep in it's heart, get ready for its exploration with the team Samudramanthan Get your ideas and thoughts go even deeper than the deepest point on earth This group holds educational fest, be a part of it.