Treasure Hunt

Welcome aboard, treasure seekers! We bring you one of the most awaited events of Samudramanthan 2023. It is the start of a thrilling journey as we go on a treasure hunt unlike any other. A treasure trove of precious relics and clues is hidden deep within this arena, ready to be unearthed by those with bright brains and keen eyes. In pursuit of the ultimate prize, you'll pass through difficult puzzles and obstacles, decipher cryptic codes, and find hidden mysteries. Are you ready to let your inner adventurer go and face the challenge? The quest has begun!

Team Size


Event Fee


Prize Money



31st March



Stages and Timeline

This is a one-stage competitive event in which participants will be assigned a pool at random from one of three pools. The treasure search will begin by attending a meet at MS Teams of their different pools which will be assigned randomly.

Stage 1: The Hunt Begins

In the Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture Department building, the teams will receive their first hint. More clues will become available to the teams as they move through the game. With Each team one of the team members of NAROES will be there to guide them throughout the event, to give them hints whenever teams ask for it.

Stage 2:

This is a one stage event.

Problem Statement

There is no problem statement for this event.

Judging Panel & Criteria

The winner will be awarded as the first player who solves all of the riddles and completes the treasure hunt in their specific pool.

Rules and Regulations

1. Solving other pool puzzle will lead to disqualification

2. Destroying any clue will lead to disqualification.

3. Any kind of misbehavior will lead to immediate disqualification.

4. The event organizers will not be responsible for any kind of technical issue during the treasure hunt event.

5.All participants must follow the rules and play fairly. Any participant found to be cheating, vandalizing or disrupting the event in any way will be immediately disqualified.

6.Participant must bring their laptop.

Prizes & Rewards

Each participant will get a certificate of participation from Samudramanthan, IIT Kharagpur.

In each pool, the participant who answers all the puzzles and completes the treasure hunt in their respective pool first, second and third wins the treasure hunt and receives Rs 3000 INR, Rs 2000 INR and 1000 INR respectively as prize money. The winners will also get mentioned in Samudramanthan’s social media handles.