To The Rescue

Rescue ships know no limits they are put to sea when others seek the protection. “To The Rescue” is an aqua robotic event in which you will have to design and build a remote controlled rescue ship. There are several disasters that occur at sea. You will have to build a rescue ship which under adverse conditions will have to rescue people. Minimising the loss of life, injury, property damage or loss by rendering aid to persons in distress will be your priority for this event. This event will test your knowledge about the basics of ship and will challenge you to apply your skills for practical use. In the event your model of the ship will be evaluated for speed, stability and handling.

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1st April


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Stages and Timeline

The event will be organised in two rounds. In each round you will be given a different situation and your rescue ship will have to successfully complete it in order to progress to the next round or to be considered for final evaluation. The top performing participants from the first round will be promoted to the second round.

Stage 1: Rescue

In this round cylindrical weights weighing around 200 grams, each named Boat 1/2/3/4/5, will be placed at five different places with increasing distance from the start along the course in the pool. Each cylindrical weight will have a metal strip attached to it so that it can be attached to a magnet. Your task is to pick the cylindrical weight one at a time with the help of electromagnet and take it to bring them to the starting point, for each boat you will get different points based on how far it is from the start. You will have to complete this task in the given time. There is no restriction on where to place the electromagnet on the ship and you will have to place it keeping in mind the stability of your ship. The points corresponding to the boats are mentioned below.

Stage 2: Firefighting

In this round burning candles will be placed at three different places on floating platforms with increasing distance from the start along the course. There will be one, two and four numbers of candles placed at the respective three locations.Your rescue ship will traverse through the course, avoid obstacles and extinguish fire with the help of an onboard water pump using the water present in the pool. You will have to complete the task in the given time.

Problem Statement

Your task is to build a remote controlled rescue ship with the following two features:

1. Electromagnet: You can either create a detachable or permanent setup of an electromagnet on the ship. The electromagnet should be capable of lifting objects such as small metal balls or objects from the water.
2. Water Cannon: The ship should also have an onboard water cannon that can shoot water.
Dimensions of rescue ship:

Length: 60cm ± 20cm
Width: 25cm ± 20cm
Draft: 5cm ± 3cm

If the ship does not follow the given dimension they will still be allowed to participate but points will be deducted from their final score.

Judging Panel & Criteria

Round 1
The team which will bring all the small boats to the starting point will get 30 points, the point distribution is as follows
Boat 1- 2 points
Boat 2- 4 points
Boat 3- 6 points
Boat 4- 8 points
Boat 5- 10 points
If the team completes the task before the given time they will get extra points.
Each time the ship crosses the course boundary 1 point will be deducted.

Round 2
The team extinguishing all the candles will get 35 points and each candle will carry 5 points.
If the team completes the task before the given time they will get extra points.
Each time the ship crosses the course boundary 2 points will be deducted.

Rules and Regulations

1. Teams can consist of up to 4 members (maximum).

2. All the teams must follow the guidelines and time limit given.

3. Payment should be made individually by all participants on the Samudra Manthan portal. But the team leader will only register the event through the google form sent after registration

4. The decision of the judges is final and binding on all participants

5. Any team found indulging in unfair practices will be disqualified from the event. If the violation is found to be serious, they can also be disqualified.

Prizes & Rewards

All participants will receive certificates of participation from Samudramanthan, IIT Kharagpur. To The Rescue will award the top 3 participants with an overall prize pool of ₹25,000 for this event. The winners will also receive Certificates and a special mention on our social media pages.