To The Rescue

Rescue ships know no limits they are put to sea when others seek the protection. “To The Rescue” is an aqua robotic event in which you will have to design and build a remote controlled rescue ship. There are several disasters that occur at sea. You will have to build a rescue ship which under adverse conditions will have to rescue people. Minimising the loss of life, injury, property damage or loss by rendering aid to persons in distress will be your priority for this event. This event will test your knowledge about the basics of ship and will challenge you to apply your skills for practical use. In the event your model of the ship will be evaluated for speed, stability and handling.

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Stages and Timeline

The event will be organized in 3 rounds, where the participants will receive a chance to present their work in front of judges and have a Q&A round.

Stage 1: Maneuvering Test

The Participants will have to complete the path provided in maze in the shortest time possible. The maze will be provided with total dimensions of 12*12 square feet. The total score will be normalised on the basis of the least time taken to the maximum time taken.

Stage 2: Coin Collection Round

The Participants will have to complete the path provided in the maze in the shortest time possible, along with the collection of coins from checkpoints. Participants need to make a smart choice between the shortest path and the coin collection simultaneously. The total score will be calculated on the basis of the time taken and the coins collected.

Stage 3: Presentation Round

The participants will have to present their models for testing to the judging panel. And then, there will be a Question & Answer session for a fixed duration. Powerpoint Presentation is not needed for the same.

Problem Statement

The participants have to select a real-world ship/ferry and create a model. You will have to present your design ideas compulsorily, including the following parameters:

1. Physical parameters including length, breadth, draft etc.
2. Propulsion and control mechanism.
3. Type of hull form.
4. Real-life application and uses.
5. Any other special feature/ innovation.
The minimum size of the model is
Length = 10cm
Breadth = 5 cm
Depth = 2.5 cm

While there is no upper size limit to the model, it is recommended that the model is easy to transport.

Judging Panel & Criteria

Round 1
Minimum Time taken will be considered for full normalised score and so on. (30)

Round 2
Minimum Time taken and the number of coins collected will be used to calculate the normalised score. Both time and number of coins will be given equal consideration to calculate the overall score. (15+15)

Round 3
1. Adherence to rules stated in this document (10)
2. Applicability of the model (10)
3. Originality and creativity (10)
4. Special features and innovations(10)

Rules and Regulations

A team will consist of a maximum of 4 members

2. You will have to present your design ideas compulsorily, including the following parameters:
Physical parameters including length, breadth, draft etc.
•Propulsion and control mechanism.
•Type of hull form.
•Real-life application and uses.
•Any other special feature/ innovation.

3. You must have a physical model of your boat to participate.

4. The time limit for the presentation of the physical model will be 10 minutes, followed by a question and answer/discussion round of 5 minutes. Crossing the time limit of 10 minutes will lead to negative marking/disqualification.

5. Bonus points will be given if the boats address the challenges of:

•Ocean Waste Management
•Beach Cleaning Technologies
•River/ Inland Waterways Cleaning Technologies
•Oil Spill Management

(The boat may not compulsorily exhibit the special appendages in the product but may include the design ideas/changes required to address the above-mentioned challenges).

6. The decision of the judges will be final and ruling.

Prizes & Rewards

All participating teams will receive certificates of participation from Samudramanthan, IIT Kharagpur. The top submissions may be published on our social media pages to appreciate their unique concept and approach.
Boat Expo 2023 will award cash prizes to the top 3 participating teams based on the presentation made. The overall prize pool money is ₹35,000/- for this event. The winners will also receive Certificates from Samudramanthan and a mention on our social media pages.