The path to becoming a Naval Architect is a fun and experimental one. You have to do a bunch of calculations but also make sure they are experimentally valid. Innotect this year brings up a new challenge where you, the participant, will have to solve a problem provided by us on a random experiment. The answer which is closest to the experimental value will win it all. Are you ready to test your knowledge and prove that you are one of the best, upcoming Naval Architects of India.

Team Size


Prize Money




Abstract Submission


Stages and Timeline

Innotect 2023 will be a 1 round event. The participant will have to come up with a solution to the problem with suitable assumptions and show their calculations to us. The work can be hand-written (neatly) or printed out, whichever suits the participant.
During Samudramanthan weekend, there will be a slot where the problem statement’s experiment will be done in front of the participants and the participant with the closest answer to the experimental value will be crowned the winner.

Stage 1: Online Submission

The stage 1 will be online submission. The participants team will submit the 3D model of the buoy they will be making and a presentation explaining the 3D models of their buoy and the cost estimations. The contesting teams will be awarded marks based on their online submissions.

Stage 2: Assemble it

This will be an offline round. The participating teams will have to bring the premade parts and assemble them here within a given span of time. Teams will be qualified to the next round based on the weight their buoy can withstand.

Judging Panel and Criteria

The winners will be selected from the participants with the closest answer.
Solutions of only the participants with the correct solution/ logic will be considered.

Problem Statement


Rules and Regulations

1. This is an individual event

2. This event will be open for every participant registered for SM 23

3. To enter the event a proper solution of the problem must be submitted before the deadline

4. If 2 or more participants have the same solutions the panel will discuss and judge whether it is plagiarized or not, if guilty all involved will be disqualified from the event

5. Make suitable assumptions

6. Experimental solution is final

Prizes & Rewards

All participating teams will receive certificates of participation from Samudramanthan, IIT Kharagpur.

Innotect 2023 will award 3 cash prizes to the top 3 participants on the basis of their solution. The overall prize money pool is ₹ 6,000/-.

The winners will also receive Certificates from Samudramanthan and a mention on our social media pages.