The "Buoy Build" competition challenges participants to design and construct a buoy model that can withstand the greatest load. The competition aims to test the creativity, engineering skills, and resourcefulness of the participants as they work to design a buoy that is strong and durable.

The competition will be judged based on the load capacity of the buoy and its functionality. The winning design will not only showcase the participants' abilities, but also have the potential to inspire new and innovative solutions in the field of buoy design and engineering.

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31st March



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Stages and Timeline

B-Build will be organised in 2 rounds where participants will receive an opportunity to submit 3D models of their buoy to the judging panel, and if selected for the next round, they will receive a chance to build an actual buoy and compete to be the winner.

Stage 1: Online Submission

The stage 1 will be online submission. The participants team will submit the 3D model of the buoy they will be making and a presentation explaining the 3D models of their buoy and the cost estimations. The contesting teams will be awarded marks based on their online submissions.

Stage 2: Assemble it

This will be an offline round. The participating teams will have to bring the premade parts and assemble them here within a given span of time. Teams will be qualified to the next round based on the weight their buoy can withstand.

Judging Panel and Criteria

Round 1:
In the first round, teams will be provided marks on the basis of feasibility, the clarity of presented 3D model and the precision of provided cost estimation. This round carries 25 marks.

Presentation - 10 marks
Model :
Feasibility - 5 marks
Details - 5 marks
Materials used and cost estimate - 5 marks

Round 2:
This round will be judged based on three criteria
Height submerged on placing the weights
Stability in waves
How close the buoy is built to the 3D model. All the criteria carry 25 marks each.

Problem Statement

You are a lead naval architect, working on the design of buoy for use along India’s coastline. This ferry was originally given to a subordinate of yours, who has submitted a mediocre design. As a senior naval architect, your job is to build a better design by incorporating various aspects, while addressing the design parameters included below along with your team. The max dimensions of the buoy are provided in the brochure. Your goal, as a senior naval architect, is to consider the following characteristics of the buoy, while keeping in mind the cost and present with a prototype and then build it physically.

Rules and Regulations

Round 1:
1. A team can consist of maximum 5 members.
2. The submission is to be made through a google form that will be sent. Only the team leader should fill the form once. The submission should be a ZIP file which contains presentation in PDF format and CAD file containing the 3D model.

Round 2:
1. The total dimensions of the buoy must be within 50x50 cm2 base area and 50cm in height.
2. The buoy should be made under a budget cap of INR 2,500/- and all the materials needed for the assembly should be brought by the participants.
3. It is recommended that the buoy be made of pipe framework, consisting of a buoyancy chamber.
4. The buoy should have a platform kind of structure with a base area of 30x30 cm2 so that the weights can be loaded.
5. The time given to assemble the buoy will be 2hrs. And then testing will be done.
6. Then the buoy will be tested with weights starting from 1kg.

Prizes & Rewards

All participants will receive certificates of participation from Samudramanthan, IIT Kharagpur.

B-Build will award the top 3 participating teams with an overall prize pool of ₹ 25,000 for this event. The winners will also receive certificates and a special mention on our social media pages.